West Indian Motors is a brokerage business having a team of professional and trusted suppliers and connections globally which ensures the very best of Quality and service with each order.

In the event of items arriving damaged, do not accept such item instead file a claim at the receiving courier service which were paid to safely transfer your item from A to B.

In the event of undelivered Items or missing items, we would see a solution and trace to ensure that the Item was not tampered with during transit.

Vehicles and other more valuable items are Inspected and photos are take both inside and out for our assurance and protection of theft during transit along with the application of marine insurance in the event of a sunken vessel.

We advise that Expensive vehicles are shipped Via Container to remove any risk of loss of any items during transit or landing to your port.

ALL orders which have been arranged by us or our suppliers cannot be canceled at the point of delivery and would, in the event that a cancellation has to be granted, this transfer would not be guaranteed before 14 working days and will incur a 35% cancellation fee of the remitted amount plus fees to transmit such funds back would also be deducted.

In the event of damages, a claim can be filled with the shipping agent carrying the vehicle.

In the event of loss or missing parts or non delivery exceeding 90 days of the order date, West Indian Motors would carry out our investigations and may replace or refund the client forthwith.

By using the services of West Indian Motors you hereby agree to the terms outlined above and to our policies.

                                     Please be Guided Accordingly