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West Indian Motors - 

High Quality blocks machines for your business.


Dimension: 1650x1 160x2000mm
Weight: 1 .5 T
Cylce period: 40s
Vibration force: 30KN
Power: 9.6KW
Pallet size: 850x450x20mm

Block Mould:

10 inch
8 inch
6 inch
4 inch

500 pallets 

Manual Block trolley 

spare parts and tools


Block making machine

3 phase 380v
Hydraulic station;
PLC control syatem;
Pallets feeder;
Spare parts and tools;
Block moulds:
4 inch 
6 inch 
8 inch 
10 inch

Manual trolley 

500 Pallets

Stacker optional


optional brick molds avilable

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1 Dimension of host machine 3700x1650x2200
2 Weight of host machine 4200KGS
3 shaping method hydraulic press+ vibration 
4 Water consumption 5-6Ton/day
5 workshop area 250-300m2

6 Host machine power 18.5kw

7 Vibration force 30-50KN

8 Mixer model JS50

9 Pallet size 850x550x25mm

10 Voltage 380/415/440



Semi automatic
Block making machine

Overall Dimension 1850x1880x2240mm
Main vibration form Platform vibration
Cycle Time 20-24 seconds
Vibrating Frequency 2800-4500 r/m
Vibration force 35KN
Host machine weight 1.56T
Pallet Size 850*550*20(mm)

Technical Specifications
Dimension of host machine 3700x2100x2300mm Host machine power 13.45kw
The size of the pallet 880x580x30mm Vibration force 35.5kn
Weight of the machine 1.52T Total power 23.15kw
Mould period 15s Total power JQ500
Size (L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr Pcs / 8 Hr
400*100*200mm/4inch hollow 7 630-840 5040-6720
400*150*200mm/6inch hollow 5 450-600 3600-4800
400*200*200mm/8inch hollow 4 360-450 2880-3600
400*250*200mm/9inch hollow 3 270-360 2160-2880
245*130*60mm/S Road Paver 10 1500 12000
200 x160 x60mm/I Road paver 8 1200 9600
rectangular paver 14 2100 16800

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